Online scams have become very prominent. Many people live online and are very vulnerable to scams. The best practice is to pass by any sites or emails that claim that you won money that you were not aware of or that asks you to pay a registration fee to join. I have gathered a few resource sites that can help victims of online scams and help others to not fall prey to these online scammers.

The site explains what Internet fraud is and also explains how to stay safe online. The site gives definitions and tips that can be very useful.

Scamwatch gives information about new and existing scams. The site has a page to report scams and get help. It has many valuable articles to keep you from falling into online traps.

You can read about different scams on this site. You can also warn the Scamwarners about potential scams. They offer help and advice.

This website has more in-depth descriptions and explanations of the different types of online scams. They also give steps to take to safeguard your online activity and yourself. You will definitely find some valuable information here.

This link will take you to Google Support where you can report abuse or illegal activity. If you feel that a site is a potential scam, report it and let Google look into it.

Acorn is a site where Australians can report any cybercrime. This site educates people on cybercrime and offers a place to report such crimes.

These sites will give you a lot of information. When you have learned about all the possible online scams, you will be more aware of what happens when you are online. You will be able to recognize sites that seem strange and you will be able to report scams or potential scams.