4 Signs That What You are Reading is a Scam to Trick You Out of Your Money

Online scams have victimized many people and a lot of these people have lost large amounts of money. Scammers are ruthless and they come up with new ways of tricking people every day. To identify a scam, we have made a list of signs you can look out for. If you suspect a site of being a scam, report it and close it. Look for these signs:

They ask you to pay money up front. Any site, service, or job opportunity that ask you to pay money up front is most probably a scam. They might claim that it is for training or admin fees, but this is all nonsense.

They promise you overnight riches. Scams like the lottery scam promise that you will be a millionaire overnight. These scammers prey on our dreams to be financially independent. They make us react with emotion instead of rational thought and in this way they trick us into giving them money instead of getting our big cheque.

They are making money regardless of your actions. Websites can make money in two ways: by depending on you or not. If they only make money when you make money, then they are more likely to be legitimate. If they make money without you, then it might be a scam.

They use a time limit to force you to action. Some of these scams say things like ‘We cannot keep this information here. Make a decision in 2 hours if you want to reap the benefits’. This is just another sign that you need to steer clear.

Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If anything seems strange or over the top, just leave the page. Whenever you are not sure about a site or what they claim, leave it or delete the message. Never pay any money to someone you don’t know or who claims they will make you rich. Keep your eyes and ears open and be very careful about sharing your private information.

5 Legitimate Online Money Making Practices That Will Help You Earn that Extra Cash Without Becoming a Victim of Scams

Most people are looking to make a few extra dollars on the side. Life is expensive and money doesn’t seem to go as far anymore. If you are looking to earn some extra money online, there are legitimate ways to do so. Beware the scams and easy money-making tricks. To help you know which is which, we made a list of things that will legally make you some money online.

  1. Blogging. If you like writing, you can make money from this practice that has taken the world by storm. Some people blog for a living. They get paid by advertisers on their blog or by businesses that ask them to review or write on certain topics.
  2. Freelancing. Several jobs can be done by freelancing. Journalists, editors, translators, content writers, graphic designers, etc. all freelance and find jobs through online freelancing sites.
  3. Selling. Online shopping has become a thing. Several sites allow sellers to upload pictures of items they want to sell. People then make an offer or place a bid and the highest bidder wins. On other sites, you just load the information and anyone interested can contact you or buy it straight online. Sites like OLX and Gumtree are popular for buying and selling.
  4. Online surveys. Some companies and websites want feedback on their sites or products. In order to get proper feedback, they pay people to take surveys on their products or sites. They get the information and feedback they need and you get a few dollars. They also get exposure.
  5. Social media. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have the potential to make you money if you use it right. You will have to produce great and engaging content and pull a lot of views and interaction.

This is 5 ways in which you can make extra money without losing all your money. The world is going online and soon many people will be working online only. Check out these options and see which one will work for you.

3 Main Online Money Making Scams That You Should be Aware of

Online money making scams have taken many different forms. Many people are trying to get rich by tricking Internet users. Knowing the types of scams and what they look like, will help you stay safe and not become a victim. Here is a list of some of the scams you need to watch out for.


Phishing is a practice where scammers try to get you to give them your login details for your bank accounts or social media. The communication is usually through email and social media. The scammer makes the email look legitimate by using a bank name or other financial institutions. If you look closely, however, you will find that something in the name or email seems off. It can be as simple as the letter S being written as $. Never click on links or even open an email if you don’t trust the source or know where it is from. Delete immediately.

Nigerian scam

This scam is very well-known and has had a few variations because it has been around for a while. It works by sending an emotional email to the potential victim and makes it look like an official letter. They use logos or letterheads that look like it is from the government. They then ask you to help them retrieve money from a bank by paying small admin fees. They promise you a large sum of money in return. The problem is that they will keep asking for money and the sums will get larger. In the end, you are left broke and no large sum of money is coming your way.

Lottery scam

Almost anyone with an email address or cell phone has won the lottery at least once. The message congratulates you on winning this huge amount of money from some random country’s lottery. Yay, you! No matter that you never bought a ticket. These scams again ask you to pay a small fee before receiving your winnings. You will never see the zeros on that cheque.

When you come across anything that looks like these scams, delete immediately. Don’t open it. Don’t read it. Don’t click on anything. Just delete and forget about it.